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Virtue Health Care Education Limited is a team of dynamic educators who are passionate about training, specialising in Mental Health and Addiction. Our vision is to empower and encourage the community and health services workforce to develop person-centred care insights, skills, attitudes, and ways of thinking through education and training. We believe through education we can all better promote well-being in our communities, whānau’s, and lives.

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Health Care Training


Certificate in Health & Well-being
Level 4

Strand in Mental Health & Addiction Support

  • 12 Unit Standards
  • 1 Year Program
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Detailed Study Guides
  • On-the-job Training
  • Online Resources
  • Supportive Facilitators

Awaiting Approval

Diploma in Mental Health
Level 6

Mental Health Support Work

  • 19 Unit Standards
  • 2 Year Program
  • Higher Level of Competency
  • Monthly Workshops
  • On-the-job Training
  • Online Resources
  • Supportive Facilitators

Awaiting Approval



Mental Health


Training Outcomes

Mental Health First-Aid Action Plan

  • Approach, assess and assist any crisis
  • Listen without judging
  • Give support and information
  • Encourage relevant professional help
  • Encourage other supports

Understanding Addictions


Training Outcomes

  • What is Addiction and how it affects the brain
  • Different types of Addictions
  • Identify underlying issues
  • Methods to support recovery
  • Coordinating successful interventions
  • Staying positive and being effective

Understanding Mental Health


Training Outcomes

  • A greater understanding of the different disorders and their symptoms
  • How to relate and interact with people experiencing mental unwellness
  • The underlying reasons that can lead to mental disorders
  • Build staff confidence to handle different situations that may arise
  • The importance of effective communication skills to promote recovery

Anti-stigma & Discrimination


Training Outcomes

  • Understanding stigma and discrimination
  • Examine the negative impacts
  • Changing personal and social attitudes
  • Encourage relevant professional help
  • Strategies to reduce discrimination



Training Outcomes

  • Understanding cultural needs and preferences
  • Importance of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Describe Māori and Pasifika values
  • Demonstrate culturally safe operating principles
  • Importance of involving whanau

Mental Health


Training Outcomes

  • Understanding adolescent mental disorders
  • The determining factor to mental illness
  • Indentification of early warning signs
  • Skills and strategies for early intervention
  • Different tools to encourage well-being

Understanding Anxiety & Depression


Training Outcomes

  • Understanding depression and anxiety
  • Recognising signs and symptoms
  • Addressing issues of self-medication
  • How depression and anxiety affects quality of life
  • Common treatments and therapies
  • Effective coping strategies

Self-Harm & Suicide Prevention


Training Outcomes

  • Understanding of self harm and suicidal behaviours
  • Identifying underlying reasons
  • How to act appropriately to support people
  • Effective prevention strategies
  • Tackling stigma and discrimination



Training Outcomes

  • Greater understanding of resilience
  • Understanding how it affects our health
  • Positive pathways to building resilience


Our workshops utilise two trainers to facilitate the learning. We believe having two trainers creates a more dynamic and energetic environment that helps maintain interest and engagement. By having two trainers we can also be more responsive to the class, by checking for understanding and ensuring that we are catering for all levels of learners.


Workshops are developed with adult learning principals in mind such as being goal and relevancy oriented and practical. Motivation is another aspect of adult learning that we encourage through social relationships and interaction. Participants come from different organisations to learn together creating a collegial learning environment.


As adult learners, participants have accumulated a foundation of life and work experiences and knowledge. We believe new knowledge is created through the transformation of this experience. We do this by providing participants with activities and discussions that

  • Build on experiences
  • Promote reflection
  • Help them reconceptualise
  • Help them to experiment


Throughout workshops all content and concepts are brought back to the perspective of the person being supported, respecting that every person has a unique history, strengths, interests, and needs and has the right to self-determination in how to go about living his/her own life.

Why Training?


  • Up-skilling of the workforce to meet new demands.
  • Successful training builds the capability and competency of workers, improving consumer quality of life.
  • Staff training contributes to job satisfaction, motivation, and commitment.
  • Achievable career pathway for support workers wanting to make a professional career in the sector.
  • Offer a broader range of services.
  • Reduce demands on secondary care and specialist services.
  • Satisfy standards and training expectations for auditing purposes

The Virtue Team

Ruth Cooley
Ian Tairea
Ben Tairea
Business Manager
Sara Kerr
Finances & Administrator

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