Ruth Cooley

Ruth has been working as a registered nurse in the health sector for the past 16 years. As well as being Training Director for Virtue Health Care Education, Ruth is also a Clinical Teaching Associate, and Tutor at Massey University.  Ruth has completed her Master of Nursing degree.  She has undertaken training in adult education, namely ‘Tips and Tools for Trainers’ and has completed a post-graduate paper ‘Contemporary Trends in Clinical Teaching and Learning’ at Massey University. Ruth is also a registered Careerforce workplace assessor.

Ruth is passionate about education and seeing students reach their full potential as they gain confidence with increased knowledge and skill base.  Her aim is to assist in facilitating support workers to grow professionally and personally to be the best that they can be in their delivery of care to enhance better outcomes for those being cared for.


email phone 022 463 7693


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